2012 ET4Online Submission Checklist

Please compile all of the following information before submitting your proposal:

  • Register at the submission site (if you do not have an account with EDAS already. If you already have an EDAS account, you can log in using this login page link) with complete name, title, organization, address, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail address, and biographies of each presenter
  • Presentation Teaser / Abstract (10-25) words for inclusion in the conference schedule at a glance publication
  • Presentation Description and Goals (up to 1000 words). Please provide a longer description of the presentation.
    • For research presentations please including a brief, concise description of context, questions, methods, results, conclusions, and a discussion/interpretation.
    • For presentations focused on practical applications, as appropriate, please describe the context, problem, approach, and results.
  • Title of presentation (limit of 100 characters)
  • Program track to which topic relates
  • Emphasis of presentation: Research Study, Applied Use (technology or pedagogy), Effective Practice, Emerging Technology (tools or processes)
  • Target audience: novice, intermediate, expert, or all audiences
  • Institutional level targeted: Universities and Four Year Institutions, Community Colleges, K-12, Multiple
  • Type of session (please choose a preferred and backup): Information Session, Extended Information Session, Workshop, or Poster Session.
  • Media to be used and audiovisual equipment needed (if any). Note: The following standard audiovisual equipment will be provided in each room: data projector equipped with a universal VGA cable to accommodate both PC and Macintosh platforms, an Internet connection, and a screen. Overhead projectors and TV/VCR units will be made available upon request. (Note: Presenters should plan to provide their own computer equipment or other specialized equipment). There is a place on the submission form to indicate special A/V or media requirements which could result in extra fees.



Helpful Tips

  • When developing your Title choose key words that describe the presentation content. (The system will limit you to 120 characters.)
  • The Presentation teaser/ abstract should contain a maximum of 10-25 words.  This abstract is published in the schedule at a glance.  When developing your Presentation description and goals (up to 1,000 words), please make sure you identify how you plan to engage the audience. This can be accomplished through a number of techniques including small group moments, interactive question and answers, audience contribution, interactive handouts, games, partner exercises etc.



When developing your presentation abstract and presentation description and goals, keep in mind they should:

  • be concisely written, accurate, self-contained, and coherent
  • use a clear and direct writing style with active voice rather than passive
  • describe who would benefit from attending this session
  • give a clear statement of what participants will learn from this presentation
  • list what materials—slides, handouts, web links—will be provided during the presentation, posted on the conference web site, or submitted to the conference proceedings
  • give participants a good idea of the content and format of your presentation
  • persuade the proposal reviewers and conference attendees that you are going to present something unique, valuable and engaging



Please make sure you check your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Keep the abstract short and to the point. Since a broad audience will view your abstract you should spell out all acronyms. Also keep in mind that all information submitted through the online system will be used verbatim to generate the web agenda and any conference publications. Please make sure that your information is accurate and carefully edited. This includes information about you and your co-presenters.