2012 ET4Online Vendor Presentation Policy

Companies and vendors provide value to Sloan-C Conferences through program presentations, exhibits and sponsorships.  Vendors may submit presentations in two ways:


1. Academic Presentations:

  • Any individual or group may submit papers to the traditional academic presentation track for presentation.  Presentations must be non-commercial, and focus specifically on the track topics.  Presentation content will be reviewed by the conference committee as part of the regular review process.   Presentations must contribute new knowledge to the field through the presentation of original research or applications.  Presentations of an academic nature should be submitted through the call for papers system.
  • Submissions by individuals or groups representing vendors that are reviewed in the Call for Papers process and determined not to be appropriate for an academic track may be moved to the Vendor Showcase for consideration at the request of the submitter.

2. Vendor Showcase presentations:

  • Vendor showcase sessions are established as part of the conference program schedule to allow sponsors/exhibitors to make presentations on their products and services during the conference.  
  • Vendor showcase presentations may include submissions to the CFP system that are moved from academic tracks in the CFP system to the Vendor Showcase schedule at the recommendation of the Program co-chairs
  • Vendor showcase proposals from sponsors and exhibitors may be submitted directly to Christine Hinkley as part of the sponsorship/exhibit process.  Showcase proposals will be reviewed by Christine and the conference co-chairs for approval of content.
  • Coast-to-Coast and Gold sponsors are guaranteed a Vendor Showcase presentation slot.  Remaining Vendor Showcase slots are assigned to sponsors by level,  then to exhibitors in the order exhibit contracts were received, and finally to non-sponsor/exhibitor companies on a space-available basis. 
  • These sessions are distinctly marked as Vendor Showcase presentations in conference materials including the program book, website and room signage.
  • Conference program materials include language that these presentations should be expected to include some sales promotional language in them.  These sessions are clearly marked as sessions that have not been peer-reviewed.