Sloan-C Corporate Sponsors

The Corporate Sponsorship program is for corporations who would like greater involvement in and exposure to the Sloan-C community. There are five levels available in this program. Benefits vary depending on the level of support and all levels include benefits that bring real value to the sponsor. This program is on an annual basis and all benefits are for a one-year period.

*Organizations must apply to be a sponsor and be approved by the Sloan-C board prior to acceptance as a sponsor.

Basic: $2,500, Level 1: $5,000, Level 2: $10,000, Level 3: $15,000, Gold: $20,000

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Corporate Sponsor - Gold

Mediasite by Sonic Foundry

Mediasite by Sonic Foundry is the recognized leader for lecture capture and video content management which improves student learning outcomes and economically delivers online learning programs. Over 1000 colleges and universities trust Mediasite to automatically webcast their classroom lectures, university meetings and campus events. With Mediasite instructors teach as usual with no need to learn new technology, students report better grades and campuses increase enrollment and exposure by reaching new audiences online. See how leading colleges use Mediasite:

We are also proud to be the Coast-to-Coast Technology Sponsor for Sloan Consortium events including the International Conference on Online Learning, Blended Learning Conference & Workshop, and Emerging Technologies for Online Learning.

Academic Partnerships

Academic Partnerships (AP) is a higher education service provider working exclusively with public universities in North America and outstanding institutions of higher learning around the world to address this global phenomenon. “The great enabler today in education is technology and online learning vastly expands access to our partner institutions,” says Randy Best, founder and chairman of Academic Partnerships. “We are helping universities transition to a much more inclusive and sustainable model.”

AP partners with universities to convert their traditional degree programs into an online format, recruit qualified students and support enrolled students through the completion of their degree. AP’s unique international marketing network vastly expands the reach of its partner institutions and gives them access to outstanding international talent.

Robin Bartoletti

Corporate Sponsor - Level 1

Blackboard Collaborate

Combining the capabilities of industry leaders Wimba and Elluminate, Blackboard Collaborate provides a comprehensive learning platform designed specifically for education. It is helping thousands of higher education, K-12, professional, corporate, and government organizations worldwide deliver a more effective learning experience through online, blended, and mobile learning. And it helps open up all-new aspects of real time, or anytime, learning to engage more students and improve outcomes.


EmbanetCompass, LLC.

The growth in online learning is both explosive and exciting. New studies show the number of students enrolled in online courses far exceeds that of the overall growth in the higher education student population. But competition for students is increasing dramatically. How can you enter this marketplace with an academically-superior, economically-successful online program? Compass Knowledge Group is the expert provider of distance learning services. We partner with prominent, not-for-profit colleges and universities to help them plan, implement, and operate successful online academic programs.


Corporate Sponsor - Basic

Academic Impressions

Academic Impressions (AI) serves higher education professionals by providing educational products and services that help institutions tackle key, strategic challenges. Each year we serve thousands of colleges and universities through webcasts, conferences, and on-campus workshops.

Tunde Brimah

2U Inc.

2U Inc. partners with top-tier universities to deliver rigorous, selective graduate degree and undergraduate for-credit programs online. Founded in 2008 by a team of education veterans, the company provides universities with the technologies, infrastructural support and capital they need to transform their on-campus programs into high-quality, web-based programs. 2U is one of the highest-funded education technology start-ups in the United States.
Paloma Tamminga


Sensing that the time was right to similarly empower the learner and instructor, CCKF has created a new generation on-line learning system. The time had come to focus less on the technology and more on the power of analytics to harness and direct the technology to serve the individual learner.

CCKF began with the vision of delivering truly personalized learning, envisioning a learning experience that would continuously adapt and evolve based on evidence observed from the learner.

Realizeit is the result of this vision. It is a platform, powered by an intelligent learning engine, capable of using any technology, target knowledge or content, and providing a truly adaptive learning experience for the individual.

Realizeit is designed to be wholly content-agnostic, using content from any domain.

Content authoring with Realizeit is an integral part of the system’s Unified Learning Model. Learning material can be created either through automated ingestion or through native authoring in Realizeit. Authors and editors can work individually or collaboratively, creating next generation learning content.

Content is created against a knowledge space as an integral part of the course creation process. Any material created can be linked to one or more “knowledge elements”, and the system is immediately aware of the context in which it can be used. All content created is aligned to the course design and learning objectives that have been set.

Dr. George Mitchell
(888) 959 2814

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