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Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks (JALN)


ISSN 1092-8235 (online) - ISSN 1939-5256 (print)

The aim of the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks is to describe original work in asynchronous learning networks (ALN), including experimental results. Our mission is to provide practitioners in online education with knowledge about the very best research in online learning. Papers emphasizing results, backed by data are the norm. More...

Volume 16, Issue 5 - October 2012

Lawrence C. Ragan, The Pennsylvania State University
Paula Mae Bigatel, The Pennsylvania State University
Shannon S. Kennan, The Pennsylvania State University
Janet May Dillon, The Pennsylvania State University
Keywords: Online Course Development, Online Faculty Development, Instructional Design, Competencies for Online Teaching Success
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Jennifer Heather Herman, Niagara University
Keywords: Faculty development, faculty development programs, online instruction, professional development, TLDU, workshops, institutional support, faculty
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Volume 16, Issue 3 - June 2012

Patricia McGee
Abby Reis
Keywords: blended, hybrid, course design, pedagogy, best practices
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Karen Swan
Keywords: learning analytics, big data, knowledge modeling, data mining
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Anthony G. Picciano
Keywords: data-driven decision making, big data, learning analytics, higher education, rational decision making, planning
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Charles Dziuban
Patsy Moskal
Thomas Cavanagh
Andre Watts
Keywords: action analytics, big data, top-down/bottom-up, online courses, impact evaluation, actionable research
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Martin Olmos
Linda Corrin
Keywords: learning analytics, medical education, visualizations
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Vernon C. Smith, Ph.D., MyCollege Foundation
Adam Lange, Ellucian
Daniel R. Huston, M.A., Rio Salado College
Keywords: Online Learning, Learning Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Community Colleges, Risk Levels for Online Students, Faculty
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Phil Ice
Sebastián Díaz
Karen Swan
Melissa Burgess
Mike Sharkey
Jonathan Sherrill
Dan Huston
Hae Okimoto
Keywords: retention, progression, completion, online learning, postsecondary, predictive analytics, data repositories
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Laurie P. Dringus
Keywords: learning analytics, online learning, evaluation, effectiveness, participation patterns, threaded discussions
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Volume 16, Issue 4 - June 2012

Orly Calderon
Amy Patraka Ginsberg
Liz Ciabocchi
Keywords: blended learning, outcomes assessment, program effectiveness, faculty feedback, student feedback
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Terence Cavanaugh
Marcia L. Lamkin
Haihong (Helen) Hu
Keywords: checklist, assignments, submission time, strategy, organization
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Sue Y. McGorry
Keywords: online service learning, experiential learning, online learning, learning effectiveness
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Paul Gorsky
Avner Caspi
Ina Blau
Keywords: asynchronous forums, dialogic behavior, community of inquiry model, social presence, quantitative content analysis, distance education, higher education
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Daniel Zingaro
Murat Oztok
Keywords: asynchronous learning, sustaining discourse, threads
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Cindy S. York
Jennifer C. Richardson
Keywords: online, interaction, interpersonal interaction, learning effectiveness
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Katrina A. Meyer
Stephanie J. Jones
Keywords: online learning, emotions, social intelligence
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Volume 16, Issue 2 - March 2012

Stephanie J. Jones
Katrina A. Meyer
Keywords: faculty development, professional development, adult education, transformational learning
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Teresa Beth Henning
Keywords: Autoethnography; adult learning theories; faculty development; online learning
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Carol A. McQuiggan
Keywords: Faculty Development, Online Teaching, Adult Learning Theory, Transformative Learning Theory, Action Research, Reflection, Teaching Changes
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Terri Johnson
Mary Ann Wisniewski
Greg Kuhlemeyer
Gerald Isaacs
Jamie Krzykowski
Keywords: technology anxiety; faculty learning; andragogy; pedagogy; learning theories
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Kristin Koepke
Alexander O’Brien
Keywords: faculty development, pedagogy, online instructor training, evidence-based research, best practices in online teaching
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Aimee deNoyelles
Clara Cobb
Denise Lowe
Keywords: blended learning, e-learning, adult learner, distance learning, professional development, faculty training, faculty satisfaction
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Janet Reilly
Christine Vandenhouten
Susan Gallagher-Lepak
Penny Ralston-Berg
Keywords: Faculty development, e-learning, online teaching, community of practice
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Amber L. Vaill
Peter A. Testori
Keywords: Faculty development, online learning, mentoring, support, online faculty, orientation
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Barbara C. Storandt
Lia C. Dossin
Anna Piacentini Lacher
Keywords: professional development, online instruction, formative assessment, instruments, virtual faculty support, program management, collaborative learning, professional learning communities, virtual pedagogy, standards for online teaching
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Eileen Dittmar
Holly McCracken
Keywords: Faculty development, online learning, mentoring, assessment, technology integration
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Monica Orozco
James Fowlkes
Page Jerzak
Ann Musgrove
Keywords: Distance learning administration, online learning, faculty development, certification program, program design
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Volume 16, Issue 1 - January 2012

Katrina A. Meyer, University of Memphis
Stephanie J. Jones, Texas Tech University
Keywords: higher education websites, graduate students, Kano model
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Jim Waters, Cabrini College
Keywords: online learning, discussion boards, collaboration, thought-leaders
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Scott Warnock, Drexel University
Kenneth Bingham, Drexel University
Dan Driscoll, Drexel University
Jennifer Fromal, Drexel University
Nicholas Rouse, Drexel University
Keywords: online, hybrid, asynchronous, participation, volition, procrastination, motivation, writing, message board, grades, learning effectiveness
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Stephanie J. Jones, Texas Tech University
Keywords: online learning, faculty, student satisfaction, distance education, faculty behaviors, faculty interactions, course evaluations
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Paula Mae Bigatel
Lawrence C. Ragan
Shannon Kennan
Janet May
Brian F. Redmond
Keywords: online teaching and learning, teaching competencies, distance learning, faculty development, e-learning, Community of Inquiry, learning effectiveness
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Manuel C. F. Pontes, Rowan University
Nancy M. H. Pontes, Rowan University
Keywords: distance education, enrollment gap, student satisfaction, independent students, dependent students
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Janet C. Moore
Keywords: learning effectiveness, scale, institutional commitment, cost effectiveness, access, faculty satisfaction, student satisfaction, quality framework, innovation, impact, replicability
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Volume 15, Issue 4 - November 2011

Martin Hall, University of Salford
Mike Keppell, Charles Sturt University
John Bourne, The Sloan Consortium
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Mike Keppell, Charles Sturt University
Carolyn O’Dwyer, Charles Sturt University
Betsy Lyon, Charles Sturt University
Merilyn Childs, Charles Sturt University
Keywords: flexible and blended learning, distributive leadership, design-based research, fellowships, transformative change, transformative learning
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Stephen Marshall, University Teaching Development Centre, Victoria University of Wellington
Keywords: organizational change, e-learning maturity model
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Claire de la Varre, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Julie Keane, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Matthew J. Irvin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Keywords: online distance education, rural, K–12
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Albert Sangrà, Universitat Oberta de Cataluny
Mercedes González-Sanmamed, Universidad de A Coruñ
Keywords: school improvement, information and communication technologies, teaching and learning processes, educational innovation, quality
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Thomas D. Cochrane, Te Puna Ako, Unitec
Keywords: m-learning, Web 2.0, case study
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Elisabeth Yaneske, Teesside University
Briony Oates, Teesside University
Keywords: Voice Boards, asynchronous audio discussion, learning objects, peer-to-peer learning
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Maree Gosper, Macquarie University
Margot McNeill, Macquarie University
Karen Woo, Macquarie University
Rob Phillips, Murdoch University
Greg Preston, University of Newcastle
David Green, Flinders University
Keywords: web-based lecture technologies, Lectopia, learning technologies, higher education, lectures, change
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Volume 15, Issue 3 - June 2011

Jay Alden, National Defense University
Keywords: learning effectiveness, individual performance measurement, team projects, collaborative tools, collaborative group work, assessment
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Chris Miller, The Praevius Group
Nate Self, The Praevius Group
Sena Garven, U.S. Army Research Institute
Nate Allen, The Pentagon
Keywords: learning effectiveness, experiential learning, tacit knowledge, leader development, meta-cognition, professional forum, self-awareness
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Katrina A. Meyer, University of Memphis
Larry McNeal, University of Memphis
Keywords: learning effectiveness, student learning productivity, online learning, faculty, higher education
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Matthew Elbeck, Troy University, Dothan
Minjung Song, University of Nebraska
Keywords: learning effectiveness, e-mail template, e-mail design, reminders, factorial design, cognitive load theory
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Larisa Olesova, Purdue University
Dazhi Yang, Boise State University
Jennifer C. Richardson, Purdue University
Keywords: access, online discussion, cultural differences, cultural impact, globalization of online learning
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Lucio Teles, University of Brasilia
Laura Maria Coutinho, University of Brasilia
Keywords: access, learning communities, online learning, undergraduate degree, collaboration, teacher professional development.
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Volume 15, Issue 2 - June 2011

Jorge Klor de Alva, Nexus Research and Policy Center
Keywords: access, for-profit, online education, technology
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