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Sloan Center Boosts ALN at NYC Regional Schools


Elaine Cacciarelli, Executive Director
Sloan Greater NYC Online Learning Center
Stevens Institute of Technology

About the Center: In January 2003, Sloan began a new online learning initiative aimed specifically for smaller to mid-sized colleges and universities in the New York City metropolitan area. Recognizing the combined strength in total enrollments of these schools (estimated at 127,000+ students), Sloan strongly believes that to increase online enrollments nationally, it must focus attention on them specifically. Because a large number of smaller to mid-sized institutions are in or near New York City, this region was selected as a model—one that might be replicated in other U.S. urban centers.

To implement its goals, the foundation established the Sloan Greater NYC Online Learning Center at Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ) to support institutions of higher learning in three principal ways: (1) arranging for experts to consult and advise on ALN development, (2) conducting hands-on workshops, and (3) assisting schools in applying for modest grants to create innovative ALN programs. The Center is headed by Robert Ubell. Elaine Cacciarelli serves as Executive Director.

Accomplishments: The Center has made significant strides, conducting more than 25 consulting visits. It also has worked closely with more than a dozen institutions in developing grant proposals. During the past ten months, grants have been awarded to four tri-state schools: College of St. Elizabeth (NJ), College of Aeronautics (NY), St. Joseph’s College (NY) and Georgian Court University (NJ). Funded programs cover airline/airport management, degree completion for NYC police officers, accelerated BS in business administration aimed at working adults, and a graduate certificate in holistic spirituality. Another 4-5 schools are expected to be funded in the coming months.

Two highly successful regional ALN workshops have been held—one in the fall 2002 was a NYC kick-off meeting. More than 65 senior academics from 36 regional schools participated, with nearly 60% indicating interest in Sloan assistance with ALN development. A second event in April of this year focused on engaging more regional schools. Grant recipients demonstrated how they planned their online programs and how they applied for Sloan funding.

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